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General Fabrication

D Hughes Welding & Fabrication has continually expanded and improved its offered products and services from 1984 to the present day. During this time, we have produced and sometimes installed, a wide range of high-quality fabrications, including road and foot bridges, gas circulator enclosures, portal frame buildings and general structural steel, as well as bespoke engineering fabrications such as large industrial gas burner assemblies and bespoke balustrades, railings and gates.

The introduction of CE Marking in July 2014 has only increased our advantage over similar sized competitors, as we have been able to achieve the highest Execution Class (Level 4) qualification under the EN 1090-1 standard and have further capitalised on this by achieving BCSA membership with listings in both Bridgeworks categories and steelwork categories.

Click here to visit our BCSA listing on the BCSA website 

Click here to see our FPC Certificate for CE Marking, EN 1090-1 Execution class 4

We have a very well equipped and maintained fabrication workshop as well as sufficient yard space for storage and assembly of projects as required. We also maintain a small machining facility for our own production.

Our fabrication team are coded in various materials and processed, including MAG, TIG and Stick welding, in mild steel, stainless steels, Cunifer and aluminium. All employees have a range of safety and plant training certificates which we would be happy to make available on request.

The D Hughes Welding team have extensive experience in providing a competitively priced, quality product, tailored to exact customer requirements. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we believe that our broad experience of both commercial and domestic sites gives us the edge over our would-be competitors. Contact our office now for a quote.

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